Richard Gage AIA Architect — presents — 9/11: Explosive Evidence
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  • Peter Phillips

    PhD., Professor of Sociology

    Former Director - Project Censored:

    "We booked Mr. Gage because we didn't want our campus to be the last to know."

  • Zachary K.

    Civil Engineering Student:

    "I would like to see an independently funded commission, equipped with all the information they require from the government, to review the building collapses and come up with a plausible theory."

  • Prof. Dwight D. Murphey

    ret. Wichita State University:

    "It is outrageous that the very serious issues remain open to doubt after all these years, ignored by most of the media and the political system. It is time for all serious citizens to insist that the blinders come off. There is no better way to begin this than by attending the lectures, and reading the material,..."

  • Prof. Richard Curtis, PhD.

    Seattle Central Community College:

    "Students need to see this presentation because absent its perspective they cannot understand the world around them."

  • Will T., Ph.D.

    Education, U.C., Berkeley:

    "It is obvious that these buildings were brought down by controlled demolition, and it is imperative that a new and unbiased investigation be undertaken immediately!"

  • Prof. Rudmin Floyd Webster


    "Students need this message! The standard story that conventional fires caused the three WTC buildings to collapse, cannot be true."

  • Julie Andrzejewski

    Prof. Ed. D., Department of

    Human Relations and

    Multicultural Education

    St. Cloud State University:

    The public has a right to hear the evidence presented by Mr. Gage and over 1500 architects and engineers who reject the official 9/11 reports based on their professional expertise.

  • Mo Farsh

    Student, University of


    "Every student has to see this compelling and inspiring presentation! Richard Gage opened people's minds tonight. People walked out thinking differently. Gage woke us up to the evidence about 9/11, the media blackout on the subject, and to our loss of civil liberties."

  • Michaela Sawicki

    Student, University of


    "After seeing your presentation it is pretty clear that something else happened on 9/11 than what was presented by the media. We clearly need to have a private investigation done."

  • Ryan Enos 

    Student, University of

    Massachusetts, Lowell:

    "Very eye-opening!"

  • Derek Ciccone

    Student, University of

    Massachusetts, Lowell:

    "I would 100% recommend this presentation to other students! I'm going to spread the info I know to everyone I know-people need to be aware. Because people need to know the truth about 9/11 all Americans deserve to know."

  • Christopher Pascal

    Student, University of

    Massachusetts, Lowell:

    "Right now I see my duty is to continue with my training in the Army ROTC, I will await more information to come through and to be clarified before I express opinions either way, however I do support an independent investigation."

  • Peter San George

    Student, University of


    "Gage's talk was very inspiring to me. The basic physics stood out to me as very important. It's hard for people to look at, though. They don't want to accept a fact that might change their whole paradigm."

10-minute Showcase Video

Richard Gage, AIA

Duration: 10:18

Speaking Excerpts

Richard Gage, AIA

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Architects & Engineers:

Solving the Mystery of WTC 7

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CBC - The Fifth Estate

"The Unofficial Story"

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Watch 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out on PBS. See more from KBDI.

Full Length Film

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